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Celebrating Greatness in Self and Others

The Lodge is not affiliated with a church, nor does it promote a specific religious of spiritual practice. Yet, the Lodge encourages its members to contemplate on meaning of life issues and the common good of all human beings. The Lodge underwrites the awareness that each human being has the potential to create a purposeful and rewarding life.

DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous)

The primary purpose of DRA is to help one another achieve dual recovery, to prevent relapse, and to carry the message of recovery to others who experience dual disorders.  The meetings are held every Thursday night at 7pm. No need to register, just show up.  For more information, click here for the flyer.

Body, Mind And Spirit in Bethlehem


At the Lodge we believe that every human being possess the qualities to create a full and rewarding life.  We recognize and celebrate greatness in one-another, starting with our own.  After all, if we are not able to connect with our own magnificence, we will never be able to truly see the potential in others.


Additionally, we believe that we will be more likely to fully reach our innate potential when we go about it in a holistic fashion: body, mind and spirit.  These seemingly separate domains are connected and support each other. Consequently, the Lodge offers activities that promote expansion in these areas.